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Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize Winners Announced

Thanks again to everyone that played in the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt. We ended up with over 3000 qualifying entries!We're pleased to announce that Paul Hammond from Akron, Ohio was drawn as the grand prize winner. Paul and his family will receive a $1,000 credit for their vacation this y... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 10

Well, we've reached the final day of our first Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt. Hope everyone has enjoyed this little diversion while we all count down the days until 'beach season'.We want to send thanks out to Mark Randle and the folks at Visual Data Systems (Ellicott City, MD)-they d... View the full post »

Day 9 of the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to those of you that reached out to the great state of South Dakota yesterday-looks like we had a visitor!We've reach our final two days of the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt.Our staff gets asked this question at least once a day by those that haven't stayed at either island before:... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt Day 8

Our Google Analytics says we've had people following the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt in the last week from every state by South Dakota. We would like to make it a nice round 50 states-can anyone help us out there?? Our round number answer yesterday was 40 pet-friendly homes.... View the full post »

USTA Junior Tennis Scheduled at OIB March 24-25

Sunset Properties is pleased to be sponsoring the Brunswick County Junior Tennis Open this coming weekend March 24-25 at the eight courts at the Ocean Isle Beach Park.This USTA-sanctioned event has 56 players scheduled in the different events from Boys and Girls 10's thru 18's. This is the f... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 7

We've tallied over 300 correct answers so far to yesterday's question-good job by all. Congratulations to Tom Gunter-he was drawn as our winner of the "Sunset Properties-opoly" game for yesterday!Day 7 is all about he dogs. Sunset Properties started offering 'pet-friendly' rentals ab... View the full post »

Sunset Properties-Day 6 of the Scavenger Hunt

Well-did we tell you the weekend activities were going to take a bit more time???Thanks for all of the great stories and pictures that we received. Sounds like Pinterest was a bit of a challenge for those that hadn't used it before-sorry about that. We got tons of photos for our website gallery-... View the full post »

Day 5 for the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite shows on television (ok-we're going to date ourselves now) is the CBS Sunday morning show. It's rare that we actually get to watch it Sunday morning, but thanks to DVRs, we find time sometime in the week to catch it.They typically have nice feature stories, just like all ... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 4

I saw one of my favorite sites at the beach this morning as I drove into work-a thunderstorm taking place far out in the ocean. As I headed over the bridge just as the sun was rising, the show was better than most 4th of July fireworks displays.That view, along with some of the great stories that ha... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 3

We're enjoying some beautiful weather at the beach right now-we topped out at a sunny 79 yesterday! Hope you’re getting some of this where you are as well.Congratulations to Amy Shaffer for being drawn as the Day 2 winner-she’ll get a copy of our “Sunset Properties-opoly” game, and still... View the full post »

Welcome to OIB Surf and Java Shop

We attended a ribbon cutting for the OIB Surf and Java shop on Friday along with other Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce members, and want to welcome the new shop to town!The store is located right next door to Lowes Foods at Ocean Isle Beach. Inside you'll find fresh brewed coffee and other ... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 2

Wow! We had over 250 entries yesterday. And not a single wrong answer-good job all! Everyone that responded has their first chance secured in our grand prize drawing!Congratulations to Lauren Winstead-her name was drawn as our first winner-Lauren will get a copy of the "Sunset Properties-opoly" game... View the full post »

Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 1

We're going to make the first question in our hunt a relatively easy one: In what year did Sunset Properties first offer vacation rentals?Clue: visit the About Us page on our website under the "All About..." navigational links to find the answer.Enter by emailing us at [email protected] ... View the full post »

The Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt Starts Wednesday!

Starting this coming Wednesday the 14th, Sunset Properties is going to host a 10 day online Scavenger Hunt. Each day we'll post questions or tasks. Those that track down the answer and respond within the following day will earn chances in our prize drawings.   We will post the daily... View the full post »

Help the Museum By Attending the 2012 Wine Fest at OIB

Looking for a fun spring activity to bring you to the beach? Here's a great idea-join us for Wine Fest 2012!The Ocean Isle Museum Foundation is hosting a Wine Fest on Saturday, April 28th from 6:30 until 9:30 pm. Proceeds from the event will go toward some planned updates to both the Museum of C... View the full post »