Hard Rock Park

Looking for something unique to do with the family while you're on vacation at the beach? Try Hard Rock Park-a new amusement park that opened in Myrtle Beach in early summer '08.

Our family gave it a try on a Friday night in late July, and had a great time. It was clear that the crowds haven't found the park yet-we spent about four hours there, and didn't run into any waits of more than five minutes for any of the rides.

The Park is laid out in roughly three sections. We walked it starting counter-clock wise to leave the Led Zeppelin roller coaster ride for the finale. We have three kids ranging from 10-13, and they each found plenty of rides and shows that they enjoyed. There are some shows interspersed with the rides, and bands playing along the route as well.

Besides the roller coasters, the kids seem to enjoy the Kids Rock! State Park area the most. There's rock climbing, and a rope walking obstacle course that was a hit.

The Led Zeppelin ride is the feature attraction-the ride is 155 tall at its highest point. Up, down, upside down, and all around go the cars....All three kids gave it a shot (their parents passed!).

We stayed for the nightly fireworks, which were terrific. Probably the best choreographed show that I've seen. It played out over the park's 'lagoon' with music, lights, and fireworks. It was a great finale to the night.

Hard Rock Park is located in Myrtle Beach on Hwy 501-it's about a 40 minute drive from the island. Tickets are $45 for adults and $30 for kids, plus tax. Plenty of opportunity to spend more inside on food (we were told on our tour that it is the only park of its kind to have an executive chef), and souvenirs. As a special event on your next beach vacation-we recommend it.

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