Sunset Properties-Day 6 of the Scavenger Hunt

Well-did we tell you the weekend activities were going to take a bit more time???

Thanks for all of the great stories and pictures that we received. Sounds like Pinterest was a bit of a challenge for those that hadn't used it before-sorry about that. We got tons of photos for our website gallery-we'll be working over the next day to get those posted.

We've made it past the halfway point in our contest. And it is Monday. So how about something a bit less challenging. Today's question: What's the name of the Sunset Properties' program that provides each guest with free DVD movies? Clue: visit our website home page for Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle Beach.

Email us at [email protected] by 10am Tuesday with the answer to qualify for today's drawing, along with the grand prize drawings.

How about some winners for the last two days:

Day 4 winner: Debbie Yacenda

Day 5 winner: Alexandra Spitzer

Both win a copy of our "Sunset Properties-opoly" game! Congratulations.

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