Ocean Isle Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any chance we can get in earlier than the 4:00 pm check-in time?

We have to allow our housekeeping and maintenance staff enough time to prepare for your arrival after the departure of the previous guest that stayed in the rental home. This may take most of the available hours between departure and arrival times that day. However, during the summer season, if we have your mobile phone number on file and finish the home substantially ahead of our goal, we will send an automated text to let you know of the home's earlier availability.

What should I do if I have a maintenance issue upon arrival?

Your vacation rental home experiences a lot of traffic during the season. We work hard to make sure you experience no issues during your stay. If you find any maintenance or housekeeping issues upon arrival, please let us know as soon as possible. You will find a maintenance form on your welcome packet. Fill it out and return it to our island office and we’ll follow up from there. If there is an emergency, please give our full-service maintenance department a call at 910-579-8655.

Some common maintenance issues:

  • When changing the settings on your refrigerator and stocking groceries; please keep in mind that refrigerators take some time to adjust, and could take up to 24 hours to adequately cool your food and beverages. Settings should be in the middle of the range for both the fridge and freezer sections. Don't expect a cooler fridge immediately, particularly on days that include multiple doors openings due to departure/cleaning/arrival.
  • Air conditioning units typically will only cool 15 degrees difference than the outdoor temperature. Do not dramatically change the settings on the thermostat, for this will cause the air conditioner to freeze-up and not work.
  • Internet service on the island occasionally gets interrupted, if you arrive to your vacation rental and find that the internet is not working, locate the modem and router, unplug them for 2 minutes then plug them back in. After giving them a few more minutes to boot back up, please try to reconnect. We find that this solves the majority of internet issues on the island. Your WiFi code (if required) is printed on the front of the welcome packet.

What items should I pack for my vacation?

Vacation rental homes operate differently than your typical hotel or resort, so you'll need to bring some necessities with you. We suggest bringing linens and towels (if they have not been rented through us), paper towels, toilet tissue, kitchen trash bags, dish detergent, bar soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, hair dryer, food wrap, seasonings, board games, books, sun screen, tanning lotion, medicine, boogie boards, beach chairs, beach umbrella/cabana and portable grill (if your rental doesn’t advertise a grill).

Do vacationers need a fishing license to enjoy the area's top fishing spots?

Anyone fishing off the coast of NC 16 years of age or older must have a NC Coastal Fishing License. This includes those people fishing from the beach and floating docks on the canal, bay, and marsh. If you plan to fish off the public fishing pier at Ocean Isle Beach, they have a commercial license that will cover you. To purchase your license in advance or for more details visit the NC Wildlife Commission website.

Are fireworks allowed on the beach?

Our community has become particularly sensitive to fireworks-there have been several fires in and around our town over the last few years due to carelessness with these. No fireworks of any kind are allowed anywhere on our island; any renters found with fireworks will lose their occupancy due to safety concerns, and will be subject to state prosecution (don’t expect any warnings). Do expect both the local police and residents to be monitoring the use of fireworks closely.

Beach rules can be accessed through our Rental Information tab on this page and can be seen at every public beach access. There are certain town rules that pertain to surfing, beverages on the beach, and beach equipment.

What family activities are there to do in town?

We are located in close proximity to many great area restaurants and amusements. The bright lights and attractions of Myrtle Beach and Wilmington are less than an hour's drive from our island. If that's not for you, our beach is great for a traditional family vacation of relaxing, reading books, family beach games, or board games after the sun goes down.

You may want to visit the coastal displays at the Museum of Coastal Carolina at Ocean Isle (910-579-1016), or the updated digital shows at Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach (910-575-0033). Check out the area activities page for more fun things to do.

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