Sunset Properties Vacation Trip Insurance

Optional Vacation Trip Insurance

Sunset Properties began to offer an optional trip insurance policy to help guests protect their vacation investments from hurricanes that might come along the coast. But as we've gone through the years, our guests have found the policy to offer many benefits beyond the simple storm coverage-the top claim reason has actually been for unexpected illnesses. Other primary claim reasons have included a death in the family, unexpected travel delays, and injuries-each of which has been covered for past guests that purchased trip insurance. These situations have far surpassed the situation of lost nights due to evacuation of the islands at the time of a major storm.

The current cost of the policy is 7.75% of the vacation. We started working with Red Sky Insurance as the policy provider in 2012. They are based in and focus on North Carolina, and provide excellent customer service. Listed below are links to both a sales flyer and more detailed information on the coverage.

Red Sky Insurance Flyer Red Sky General Information and Trip Policy

Trip Insurance must be purchased either at the time of deposit for a reservation, or no later than the stated balance due date with limited coverage. Coverage for a particular storm is not available for purchase after that storm has been named. Visit Red Sky online for full coverage information.

In the event that you should cancel due to a particular unforeseen circumstance, guests who've purchased the trip insurance may then file a claim directly through the Red Sky Travel Insurance website.

Please note: Coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. at your location on the day after the date the required premium for this policy is paid.