Welcome to the Beach!

Pam Duccummon

Pam Duccommon - Maintenance Coordinator

I started at Sunset Properties in September 2012. Before that, I lived in New York relocating here to be closer to my parents in 2011. My favorite thing about living at the beach is the ability to go whenever I want and it's only a few minutes away. I work in the housekeeping department, closely with the cleaning staff to make sure your house is sparkling clean.

Al Ward

Al Ward - General Manager

Both I and my wife are natives of southern Brunswick county and have 3 married children with 4 grandchildren. I love the perfect mix of rural living and beach life. I can easily enjoy a day in the country or on the water in my boat. The views are awesome. I have worked full time in real estate since 2005 and joined Sunset Properties in 2013. I work with homeowners and as GM help to facilitate operating in all departments.

Mary Hanke

Mary Hanke - Reservations Manager

I have lived in Sunset Beach for four years, and do not miss the snow. Sandmen/women are so much better than snowmen/women. My favorite thing about living at the beach is the more relaxed way of life, and, hello, the beach! I'm able to go whenever I want when I am not at work that is. But oh, I work at the beach too. I started at Sunset Properties in 2020, right before the pandemic took hold. As a reservationist, I help our excited guests plan their beach vacation. I enjoy answering their questions so they can relax and know that we have them covered

Hannah Frink

Hannah Frink - Accounting

I grew up coming to Sunset Beach to visit family and have always felt at home here. I met my now husband here as kids playing on the beach. After living in Virginia for a few years, we decided to move back with our two young children in 2020 to be closer to family. I started working at Sunset Properties in 2021 in accounting and have enjoyed my time working the staff, homeowners, and guests.

Jamey Mann

Jamey Mann - Maintenance

Bio Pending

Elaine Nelson

Elaine Nelson - Annual Rentals Manager & Reservations

've lived in the area since December 2014. The lifestyle, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the peace are my favorite things about living at the beach. I started with Sunset Properties in December 2015-Best Day Ever! As a Reservationist, I work hard to ensure our guests have happy memories when they leave and look forward to welcoming them back year after year. As the Leasing Manager for our long-term rentals, I enjoy helping tenants find a place to call home.

Peggy McGuinness

Peggy McGuinness - Vacation Rental Manager

I have lived in Sunset Beach for 20 years. I moved from NJ and other than family, I have never looked back. The best part of living at the beach for me is proximity to the ocean. I grew up vacationing at the Jersey Shore and long summer days at the beach invoke joyful memories of childhood summers and family vacations. I work with owners and guests to ensure the best vacation and property condition possible.

Tom Seletyn

Tom Seletyn - Maintenance

'I relocated here from West Virginia. I started with Sunset Properties in April 2018. I work with the Maintenance department, helping to prepare properties for rental and assisting guests during their stay.

Amanda Pearce

Amanda Pearce - Maintenance

I was born and raised in SC. Coming to Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle, is a trip we took at least once a week, just to get out of the house, or to take Sunday drive. I am the maintenance coordinator and I enjoy helping people and fixing any issues that arise!

Sev Severtson

Sev Severtson - Maintenance

I've lived in the area for about 4 years, but have been visiting for the past 21 years. I like the pace of life and really like the weather in the fall and spring. I was blessed enough to have joined what I feel is my second family to me in January 2018. As the Maintenance Director, my main role is to handle the logistics of anything maintenance-related. From something as minor as a bulb replacement to major issues such as HVAC repairs, I work closely with our maintenance coordinator and techs in preparing houses for rental and assisting guests during their stay. It is important to ensure that service requests are handled in a timely manner so communicating with guests and owners is a critical aspect of my job.

Tracy Thibaudeau

Tracy Thibaudeau - Housekeeping

I am going on my 3rd year living here at Sunset Beach and it is so amazing to have everyday literally feel like a beach day. Growing up just outside of Boston with all those snow and ice storms I was more than happy and ready to trade in my shovels and snow tires for flip flops and sunblock! It has also been nice to be able to hit the brakes and enjoy the more relaxed pace and way of life this area offers. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this Sunset team that works hard to ensure all of our Guests expectations are achieved.

Randy Walters

Randy Walters - Vacation Rental Manager

I've lived here at the beach for over 40 years. My favorite thing about being here at the beach is being close to my family. I started with Sunset Properties in 2015 as the Maintenance Supervisor. Currently, I am the Vacation Rental Manager in our Ocean Isle Beach office