Secure your Vacation Vittles now!

We are excited to offer our summer guests a uniquely local experience again this year, an offering of fresh fruit and vegetables from hard-working farmers on the North Carolina coast.

Vacation Vittles offers beach vacationers a chance to reconnect with what they eat by providing fresh, healthy, locally grown food picked at the peak of freshness the day before your arrival.

Vacation Vittles is a vacationer-supported agriculture program sponsored by Sunset Properties, People-First Tourism, NC State Extension, and Men and Women United for Youth and Families.

If you are interested in supporting local farmers and enjoying delicious fresh produce during your vacation, pre-purchase your Vacation Vittles Produce BagĀ here. Your fresh, local selection will be available to pick up from Surf Unlimited on Ocean Isle after 2pm on the Saturday of your arrival.

Click here to learn more on how Vacation Vittles all started!