Day 5 for the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite shows on television (ok-we're going to date ourselves now) is the CBS Sunday morning show. It's rare that we actually get to watch it Sunday morning, but thanks to DVRs, we find time sometime in the week to catch it.

They typically have nice feature stories, just like all of the other news shows. But they usually toss in what I'll call a pictorial-nothing more than a minute or less clip of nature somewhere in our country. The pictures are relaxing, and also bring different memories for each of us that look at them.

So, in honor of "Sunday Morning", today's activity in our Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt has to do with pictures.

Do you have a favorite beach picture from a previous stay? If so, go to, search on Sunset Properties under the "people" option, and then pin that favorite picture to one of our four boards. To enter it in our contest, use the tag "Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt".

For the rookies that haven't stay on either beach yet, you can play too. Go to either of our websites and copy the exterior photo of the home you're going to stay in this year, and pin it to either the Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle Beach board at Pinterest. Again, use the tag "Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt".

Last option of the day-don't want to play on at all? Go to our website's photo gallery, and post one (or more) of your family vacation photos there. You'll find the photo gallery under the "Social Corner" link at the top right of any page on our website.

All entries posted by 10 am Monday will be eligible for the daily prize drawing for the "Sunset Properties-opoly" game, as well as for the grand prize drawings at the end of the Hunt. We'll update you with Saturday and Sunday's daily winners tomorrow morning.

Have fun-and enjoy the trip down memory lane again today!

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