Photography Tips for Your Next Beach Vacation

We all want to have cherished momentos of our beach vacations and what a better way to capture the moment than with photos? Here are a few tips on how to make capturing those fun and special moments a breeze:

Make it easy on yourself - keep it simple and only bring one or two of your favorite lenses with you on vacation. Try to avoid changing your lens while out on the beach. Wouldn't want the sand or salt water to have a damaging effect on your equipment if dropped.

Get a good variety - we all want those up close photos of the little ones building sand castles but don't forget shots of the background too! Also, include your favoritie places, shots from your deck, etc... How about an early morning shot of your street or the beach strand before the busy day begins?

Don't be stingy - let a family member take the camera for a little while. This way you can be included in some of the pics as well!

Last but not least - don't forget to put the camera away for a bit. You are on vacation after all!

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