Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt-Day 10

Well, we've reached the final day of our first Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt. Hope everyone has enjoyed this little diversion while we all count down the days until 'beach season'.

We want to send thanks out to Mark Randle and the folks at Visual Data Systems (Ellicott City, MD)-they design and support our websites, and first came up with the Scavenger Hunt idea. Of course, we didn't realize how much effort it would take when we said we would try it! But it's been fun on our end-we appreciated hearing all of the vacation stories over the last two weeks.

Here's the final activity: Question: what type of animal might you see in the marshland as you cross the Sunset Beach bridge from mainland to the island? Clue: There are plenty of options for this answer, but we're looking for the one mentioned in this short YouTube video.

Once you think you've got the answer, email us by Saturday at 10 am at [email protected].

Our Day 9 winner of a "Sunset Properties-opoly" game is Megan Woolheater.

We have close to 3,000 qualifying entries to date, and plan to hold the grand prize drawings Monday afternoon. We will post the winners mid-week on our blogs and websites after we have a chance to notify the winners individually.

Thanks again to all of you for playing! We'll do this again in the future.

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