Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt Day 8

Our Google Analytics says we've had people following the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt in the last week from every state by South Dakota. We would like to make it a nice round 50 states-can anyone help us out there??

Our round number answer yesterday was 40 pet-friendly homes. Since we're getting so many responses, we're not giving grades like my kids get at their school-if you have the correct answer, you qualify for the day. If not, no such luck. Tough love, as my Mom use to say. But it'll let the prize winners know they really earned it.... Just like Ruth Horne did yesterday for Day 7-she'll get a copy of our "Sunset Properties-opoly" game!

We've received some great stories with your answers, and suggestions. One was to post the daily answers somewhere. Makes sense-we'll add it to our Scavenger Hunt contest page by the end of the day.

Ok-ready for today's task? Question: Which company has the most sales volume on the island of Sunset Beach over the last 5 years? Clue: visit the sales page on our Sunset Beach website for the answer.

Once you have the answer, send it to us at [email protected] by 10 am Thursday to qualify for today's drawing and the grand prize drawing.

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