Vacation Home vs. Hotel Room

     For a lot of us when we think vacation we automatically think of the benefits a vacation rental home provides. There are some however, that still only consider hotel rooms when making their lodging decisions.  A vacation home offers several amenities you just can't find in a hotel room. Think of the privacy a vacation home offers; you have an entire cottage and at times a private pool and hot tub that is just for your family's enjoyment. No waking up to slamming doors at 3 am or trying to enjoy a swim in an overcrowded pool.  Lets not forget the space a vacation home provides compared to that of a hotel room. The average hotel room can be as small as 350 square feet while the average vacation home is closer to 1800 square feet.

     Hotel room stays may  include alot of extra fees for simple services such as parking, pool towel rentals, and more which is a great disappointment to a family on a budget.. When booking a vacation home with Sunset Properties, the only additional fees a guest is responsible for is the  tax and optional trip insurance should a guest wish to purchase a policy. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a simple pricing approach to vacation home rentals and the added convenience this brings to our guests. When staying in a hotel, you are more limited to the times in which meals are available and meal choices. Most vacation homes provide a fully equipped kitchen offering guests the convenience of preparing meals in whenever they choose. This amenity is another big money saver for families traveling on a budget.

     While hotel rooms fill a need in regards to overnight lodging, vacation rentals are a much more convenient and affordable choice for the vacationing family. Vacation homes offer that "home away from home" atmosphere and provide several amenities you won't  find at a hotel. So if you know anyone that hasn't discovered vacation home rentals, spread the word. Renting a vacation home is sure to provide your family with memories to last a lifetime.


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