Day 9 of the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt

The answer to yesterday's question of the name on the mailbox on Bird Island is "Kindred Spirit". The Town of Sunset Beach recently dedicated some informational kiosks about Bird Island and the Kindred Spirit story at the main public parking area at the island's gazebo. Check it out on your next vacation to the island.

Many of you know that Sunset Properties has a program called "Perks Club" that includes free DVD rentals for its guests. The program includes close to 30 local businesses that offer our guests special discounts or services when they identify themselves as "Sunset Properties guests"-we will have a brochure in every welcome envelope that identifies these businesses and their offers for your use during vacation.

Today's question-how many new businesses have joined our Perks Club for the 2013 season? (Hint: visit the perks club page under the Promotions heading on either our Ocean Isle Beach or Sunset Beach websites and count them up).

We'll post our final clue for this year's Scavenger Hunt tomorrow at 11 am, and then hold our grand prize drawings on Tuesday next week.

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